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BCDA & Arnel Casanova - Your Time is Up

Only in the Philippines! A government agency that is 'above the law.' The Base Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) which is supposed to deal with business partners fair and square is NOT setting a good example on respecting government ruling.

Arnel Casanova is one leader that many observers think is a nut. He jumps in joy when a ruling favors BCDA, but goes berserk if the ruling goes otherwise.

Let's take a closer look at how this man reacted to Judge Cecilia Corazon Dulay-Archog of the Baguio City Regional Trial Court (RTC) penned decision citing CJHDevco should leave the John Hay Economic Zone once BCDA pays it the amount of P1.42 billion representing rent it had paid for leasing the area in 1996. Her decision is just an offshoot of an earlier PDRC ruling and would take effect as soon as a confirmation is penned which Judge Dulay-Anchog did.

Even a 'taho' vendor can grasp what's the ruling is all about. "Bayad utang muna, bago balik control." But how on earth, Atty. Arnel Paciano Casanova can't deal with the decision but, instead makes his own interpretation of the law. What' is he up to?

If BCDA don't have the money in its dispersal then so be it. Just tell the public the whole truth and make the necessary moves to address the issue. Who knows, the man may even get public sympathy.

But resorting to Hitler-style harassment tactics as an excuse that court ruling's might not be served is a big no-no. Mr. Casanova, there are several previous court rulings that proved BCDA has done its share of violations. So what's the point of again defying the latest court order?

The locators inside the former base have suffered a lot. They've endured endless sleepless nights and their investments going down the drain as a result of your 'self-vested' style of handling BCDA affairs. The locators are well-guaranteed by existing law their investments are bonded by genuine contracts done in good faith. You know that all too well. Enough of your "Big Bully' image Mr. Casanova. "Hindi mo na matatakot ang mga locators."

Your running out of time, Arnel Casanova. You better shaped up or be shipped out! You have intentionally mishandled the affairs of BCDA. Don't let the law catches up on you and unearthed your shady dealings or else...

Donald Pagulong, A famous Travel Blogger who established his blog since 2008. This influential blogger is a graduate of Bachelor's Degree in  FEATI University. He describes himself as a  funny man who simply loves Poetry and Nature. Currently he runs his famous Travel blog "A Traveler's Tales "

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