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Unmasking the True Arnel Casanova

With a surprising twist of events arising from Arnel Casanova's inappropriate actions; it is now safe to say that the BCDA vs. CJHDevCo war is far from over. Not by a long shot!

He is to be blamed on why up to now the Regional Trial Court of Baguio City decision was put on hold. Casanova, a lawyer, defies the court's order. He is not a crusader for peace, but an arrogant offender of the law and a mean bully. His latest harassment moves aimed at the locators and lessees inside Camp John Hay clearly reveals his true color.

Let's check his educational and professional profile to see Casanova's transformation from a humble dreamer to a self-centered monster.

Coming from a poor family, Arnel Casanova worked double time just to finish his college education. He finished English, Law and Urban Planning at U.P. Dilliman in 1998 and a Master in Public Administration(Finance and Leadership)at Harvard University. He is a professor at Ateneo de Manila University. He is also a member of the Board of Directors in several government-owned companies.

His leadership awards is not to be outdone. Awarded Philippine Legion of Honor Medal in 1997, chosen by the Asia Society in New York as one of top twenty-One(21)Asia Young leaders for 2009. These facts prove that indeed Casanova is an intelligent man with a bright future ahead of him.

Arnel Casanova's transformation happened in 2011 when he was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO)of Bases Conversion and Development Authority in 2011. From a Man of vision he became a Man of Intimidation! He becomes an arrogant and mean bully. There are documented instances in the past that his 'bully image' was clearly manifested in public. One situation worth mentioning is the SM Aura Premier issue. A video showed BCDA president Casanova with his security personnel armed with high-caliber weapons arriving at the construction site to stop the road construction in front of the mall, which was to be inaugurated the next day.

His penchant for bullying, using force and intimidation against his enemies is an established fact! And he again flashes this wicked behavior when BCDA presented to the lessees a five page 'dummy' contract, where it deliberately threatens them to either turn over to the BCDA all their contracts and a complete Power Of Attorney for the BCDA to use as evidence in their continuing battle against Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevCo). This is the most shocking surprise move of coercion and harassment done by Casanova on the innocent victims of CJH to date.

Mr. Casanova can deny the allegations, but his expensive lifestyle, including intimate outings with male celebrities shows his true color. To sum it all, he is receiving bribes from major corporations for demolition jobs!

Arnel Casanova is a rising lord of personal corruption. He puts his personal interest beyond anything else. He is not a crusader for peace, but an arrogant offender of the law. His arrogance is clearly seen in the way he mishandles BCDA affairs and by defying the court's order.

From a boy who dreams big, he is now a monster greedy for power and money.

Donald Pagulong, A famous Travel Blogger who established his blog since 2008. This influential blogger is a graduate of Bachelor's Degree in  FEATI University. He describes himself as a  funny man who simply loves Poetry and Nature. Currently he runs his famous Travel blog "A Traveler's Tales "

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