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BCDA Snubbed Council Meeting - A Dubious Move by Casanova

Arnel Casanova has shown another facet of his self - that of a wily, stubborn guy. Baguio city council-scheduled meeting with the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) and the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) was again put on shelves because of a dubious move by Casanova.

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The reason given by BCDA President and CEO Arnel Paciano Casanova is that BCDA & JHMC had to attend earlier scheduled corporate planning sessions.

'Tell that to the Marines!' Would the public bite your lousy alibi?

Let's give in a more detailed account to what really transpired.

Recently, the BCDA terminated its contract with Camp John Hay Development Corporation. Thus, the Baguio City council scheduled a meeting to discuss the 19 conditions involving the handover of authority from the JHMC to the BCDA.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan and the city council just wanted to clear it out with BCDA that it will honor the honor the conditions, despite the termination of the lease agreement. Furthermore, the good mayor issued a statement saying the city government is prepared to take over CJH as soon as the litigation battle between BCDA and CJHDevCo has finally be resolved.

Melchor Carlos Rabanes, the City Legal Office Officer-in-Charge, even issued a statement saying a document now called “19 conditions,” could not be set aside.

BCDA must adhere to what the conditions stipulated. The city lawyer is putting emphasis on Condition 16 of Resolution 362 that stated once the contract between the BCDA and the developer ENDS, all improvements will be turned over to the city government. He cited that BCDA recognized the '19 conditions' when it inserted it in its contract with the developer.

The City of Baguio has a point here. All the local government wanted is to fulfill the people's wish to make the city one of the popular tourist destinations in the country.

If Casanova and BCDA be stubborn enough not to honor the conditions mentioned above then, the city council has no recourse but to file a case against BCDA.

I think, prolonging the Camp John Hay issues is perfectly beneficial to Casanova and BCDA, since it will give it more time to go fishing for funds to pay what it owes CJHDevCo. A dubious move once again from Casanova, who has now gained the distinction of "Master of Delaying Tactics".

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