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BCDA vs. CJHDevCo "Fiasco in Baguio" -- It's Raul Casanova's Fault

After the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc. (PDRCI) gave its decision weeks ago, the people of Baguio taught the BCDA vs CJHDevCo "Fiasco in Baguio" legal battle has finally met its end. But they are all wrong!

Latest developments on the case has pointed to the direction where confusions and uncertainties is the new name of the game. Both parties involved, Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) are doing their share in infusing more doubts to the people's mind through legal implications.

In its decision, the arbitration court ordered the developer CJHDevCo to give up occupancy of the leased areas of Camp John Hay and the BCDA to return P1.42 billion as reimbursement for rental payments.

What was once perceived to be a win-win situation for both partieshas now turned into a bitter pill for the investors and locators in the Camp John Hay area to swallow. Perhaps, a victory for the Sobrepeña group but not for the BCDA. Why?

In the arbitration committee’s ruling, it is not required of CJHDevco to turn over Camp John Hay until and unless the arbitration award is confirmed by the Regional Trial Court [of Baguio].

The arbitration committee’s ruling also denied BCDA’s plea for CJHDevCo to cough up P3.3 billion in supposedly unpaid rentals.

Furthermore, the PDRCI decision has affirmed that BCDA failed to comply with its obligation of setting up a One-Stop Action Center, which would have been an effective mechanism to facilitate development of the John Hay Special Economic Zone.

Did Mr. Arnel Casanova mismanaged BCDA? The House of Representatives is now looking deeper at this angle.

In his privilege speech Wednesday, Abakada partylist Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz said that “Contrary to Casanova’s erroneous claims, the PDRCI decision is not a victory for the BCDA because the court vindicates CJHDevCo’s long-held argument that the BCDA has been a serial violator of the 1996 Original Lease Agreement and the subsequent agreements,” he added.

Through the leadership of Casanova, BCDA has mishandle the development of Camp John Hay. This PPP project has “gone haywire resulting from the misguided, misplaced and high-handed management style of the current BCDA leadership.”

He even accused Casanova of causing “unnecessary tension and uncertainty, which is bad for tourism and for business in general.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that the questionable actions of BCDA president Arnel Casanova has a serious blow to the AFP Modernization Program which gets 50 percent of BCDA’s lease revenues under existing laws.

The debate between BCDA and CJHDevCo is just heating up, and the public is waiting for who will come out the winner. But as the legal battle drags on, investors and tenants in the Camp John Hay area, appear to be the real losers.

Donald Pagulong, A famous Travel Blogger who established his blog since 2008. This influential blogger is a graduate of Bachelor's Degree in  FEATI University. He describes himself as a  funny man who simply loves Poetry and Nature. Currently he runs his famous Travel blog "A Traveler's Tales "

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