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BCDA vs CJHDevCo Feud - Arnel Casanova's Rude Harassing Tactics

With a surprising twist of events arising from Arnel Casanova's unusual statement; it is now safe to say that the BCDA vs. CJHDevCo war is far from over.

This Casanova is a rising lord of personal corruption and theft for immoral reasons. Why do I say this? He is no lover but a big fat bully. His arrogance is clearly seen in the way he handles (or perhaps) mishandles BCDA affairs and by defying the court's order.

Mr. Casanova's Gestapo tactic is not something new. There are documented instances in the past that his 'bully image' was clearly manifested in public. Citing few facts.

• The harassment of SM Development Corp. (SMDC) and its contractor by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) wherein a video showed BCDA president Casanova, accompanied by security personnel armed with high-caliber weapons (the Commission on Elections’ gun ban was still enforce then), arriving at the construction site of the SM Aura Premier in the Global City in Taguig to stop the road construction in front of the mall, which was to be inaugurated the next day.

His penchant for bullying, using force and strong-arm tactics against his enemies is worth mentioning! Here are other incidents that Casanova showed his rude bullying behavior.

• There was the violent attempt to take over the Poro Point seaport in San Fernando, La Union, in 2006. Poro Point Industrial Corp. (PPIC), a subsidiary of Bulk Handlers Inc., won the contract to develop and manage the seaport in 1999, but in what appeared to be an attempt to have the contract cancelled and turned over to a “favored partner,” BCDA pressed its takeover attempt in spite of PPIC’s valid contract and a temporary restraining order (TRO) against BCDA. Casanova was the legal officer of BCDA at the time.

• Last year, there was also a forcible takeover of Camp John Hay in Baguio. Casanova, newly appointed by President Aquino as president of BCDA, used 300 private security guards to take over the Baguio landmark, forcing Camp John Hay Development Corp. to seek a TRO against BCDA. The courts have since ordered BCDA to honor the arbitration proceedings required by the contract.

• Also in 2012, BCDA under Casanova attempted to forcibly demolish the homes of retired and active military personnel residing in a portion of the Diplomatic and Consular Area in Bonifacio South, Taguig. The problem was that the homes were not even under BCDA’s jurisdiction. The portions to be demolished were not part of the so-called Jusmag (Joint US Military Advisory Group) but part of the Diplomatic and Consular Area and was not part of the eviction order.

No wonder Arnel Casanova got the ire of the AFP generals and personnel. As a result, allegations are thrown at him that he steals from BCDA. This is the reason why BCDA generate billions, but upstream is very little to the AFP.

Arnel Casanova can deny the allegations, but his expensive lifestyle, including intimate outings with male celebrities shows his true color. To sum it all, the man is corrupt and is receiving bribes from major corporations for demolition jobs!

Going back to the issue at hand, the Bases Conversion & Development Authority (BCDA) has truly crossed the line in harassing the third party owners of properties and businesses within Camp John Hay (CJH).

In a statement, state-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) said Sobrepeña-led Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) is liable to the sub-lessees, sub-locators and buyers of properties at the former U.S. base-turned-economic zone.

“Contrary to what the CJHDevCo has claimed, the BCDA is not privy to the contracts so how could the BCDA honor it,” Peter Paul Andrew Flores, the agency’s head of legal services, said.

Since CJHDevCo didn't furnish us (BCDA) copies of the contracts, then the he Sobrepeña group “is liable to the sub-lessees and sub-locators,” Flores said, adding that they “should go after CJHDevCo.”

The Sobrepeñas also own CAP, which defaulted on its obligations to pre-need plan holders.

BCDA president Arnel Paciano D. Casanova warned the Camp John Hay sub-lessees, sub-locators and buyers to seek legal counsel so they don’t end up holding “worthless piece[s] of paper [similar to] what happened [at] the College Assurance Plan (CAP).

This is bu*****t. The BCDA through Casanova its president, pulled the most shocking surprise move of coercion and harassment on the innocent victims of CJH so far.

Through a five page contract, BCDA presented to the locators a 'dummy' contract that deliberately threatens them to either turn over to the BCDA all their contracts and other pertinent documents and a complete Power Of Attorney for the BCDA to use as evidence in their continuing battle against Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevCo). BCDA even threatens these residents/owners to have their contracts terminated that may lead the way for BCDA the rights to use their properties in Camp John Hay.

The investors/owners are also being coerced into agreeing that they cannot revoke the power of attorney and will allow BCDA to act with whatever force they deem fit and will provide all assistance to the BCDA to enforce their will on CJHDevCo.

Why do BCDA or Casanova for that matter has the guts to say all this?

He is in his possession a 'new' contract that stipulates among other:

• Paragraph 6 of the contract reads "the tenants are dependent entirely on CJHDevCo. Hence, by virtue of the final award dated 11 February 2015, the tenants are also obliged to vacate their leased premises and deliver possession to BCDA."

• Also, Paragraph 7 which stated that "tenants causes of action arising from their contract may only be raised against CJHDevCo. The tenant acknowledges that it has no privity contract with and no cause of action against the BCDA.

• Lastly, BCDA is holding on to what Paragraph 3 of the contract stipulate that "the BCDA shall allow tenant to continue occupying their property, subject to terms and conditions that both parties may subsequently agree on."

Come on Mr. Casanova, this is clearly a blatant abuse of authority and harassment to the highest level! Your actions are nothing more than abusive, bullying tactics that are aimed at satisfying a personal vendetta against individuals and corporations in the private sector.

Why don't you just respect the arbitration tribunal's earlier decision and just do your part to have it implemented.

More so, BCDA should look into the Rule of Fairness when translated means "no man shall be affected by a proceeding in which he is a stranger or a third party.". The Arbitration Tribunal had a say and even penned a decision about this issue.

This Arnel Casanova, a new rising lord of personal corruption and vendettas, spreads more clouds of uncertainties into the mind of the locators inside Camp John Hay; and days of sleepless nights for them worrying about their investments.

Will this bullying saga ends? Perhaps, if President Benigno Aquino III relieves Casanova of his post and appoints a new leader who has a soft heart with the investors' welfare.

Donald Pagulong, A famous Travel Blogger who established his blog since 2008. This influential blogger is a graduate of Bachelor's Degree in  FEATI University. He describes himself as a  funny man who simply loves Poetry and Nature. Currently he runs his famous Travel blog "A Traveler's Tales "

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