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The Grandchild and The Grandmother

"My apo (grandchild) joined a popularity contest," she said in the vernacular. "He wants to be Mr. Intramurals. So I try to solicit money for him to win while I try earning by selling what I have to sell in the market."

Noting she doesn't earn much, to begin with, since she only sells talbos ng kamote and bulaklak ng kalabasa (camote tops and squash blossoms), I asked her: "Why is this important to you, to help your grandchild win in a popularity contest?"

She beamed as she said: "Because I always taught them to try. Lisod lagi kasagaran, pero try lang gud (It is often difficult, but you should always try)."

Michael David dela Cruz Tan - The founder of Outrage Magazine, Mick is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) of the University of Newcastle in New South Wales Australia (just don’t ask when, he says). He can: photograph, do artworks with mixed media, write (of course), shoot flicks, community-organize, facilitate, lecture, research (with pioneering studies under his belt)… this one’s a multi-tasker, who is even conversant in Filipino Sign Language. He heads the only LGBTzine in the Philippines. Cross his path is the dare (read: It won’t be boring). Coordinate with him at

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