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Rinell Banda the Globe Trotter : I work Hard , I travel Harder

I'm a Filipino guy who dreamed of traveling around the world...I want to inspire, motivate and encourage people by sharing my humble video, connecting people by a dance and a simple smile.. What it takes for me to achieved it? I will share it to you... 

I’m a Filipino who would like to make a difference in the world by being a good ambassador promoting Filipino hospitality, culture and tradition while traveling around the world. “Where on Earth is Rinell?”. I would like to inspire people around the world by sharing my experiences through travel vlogging.

This April 13, 2014 I will be featured on KMJS hosted by Ms. Jessica Soho. I didn’t expect this to happen as I was so busy with my work and have no time for the internet, luckily I opened my Facebook and one of the kindest Segment Producers of GMA 7 asked if they can feature me on their show because they saw one of my videos on youtube "The Most Traveled Man in the World 2014" where I was dancing with the people around the world.

 At first I couldn't believe and thought it was a joke. My family experienced being scammed by someone, taking advantage while I’m far away.  That experience gave us a big lesson in our lives. The conversation continues and she called me from overseas. I told her my story and my travel experiences.

We talked about my videos which I produced “Pinoy Travel Channel” a Filipino travel documentary by a man who once dreamed of traveling the world. Inspired by his failures in life he continued to follow his dream.

Meanwhile, One night whilst in my cabin I was thinking about my parents and sister. I was miles away from home thinking how I could share my experiences with them.. When an idea came to my mind holding my small digital camera and my tripod and thinking "Yeah" I can be their eyes capturing the moment, documenting the beautiful scenery that I visit and share the experience of my life.

I can entertain them in my own way, singing and dancing in the streets, interviewing locals, a chance to do something during my spare time after work.

What a great idea! But how can I do it? I don't have any experience in movie making. Do I have the courage to be in front of people watching me and thinking that I'm crazy? Who cares... I am going to do it anyway... so come and share these wonderful experiences with me.

Where on Earth is Rinell? (The Most Traveled Man on Earth 2014)

Rinell Banda ,  BS Tourism graduate and now an a traveller, was a dreaming way back in his early life, when he used to live life in scarcity. But beyond this, he established a an ambition and he is now working in a yacht .  As he keeps stressing: “I would like to inspire people around the world by sharing my experiences through traveling. I make my own movies by taking my tripod and my little camera, documenting the things I see, exploring the beautiful scenery of different countries, meeting and interviewing people, eating local exotic foods and singing on the streets!
Why I am making this? Because I'm far away from my family and I would like them to see where I've been, I would like them to feel that I'm still around even though I'm far away from home. ”

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