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Chopsticks undergo overhaul

The humble chopstick, used for over 5,000 years by billions of people the world over, just underwent a major overhaul. Future Sticks Inc. has introduced chopsticks with a revolutionary new twist (literally) that makes them more enjoyable and easy to use – even for children, rank beginners, and those with dexterity issues – while decreasing health risks and promoting sustainability.

Future Sticks are a safe, high tech, newly-patented version of the chopsticks. They have a traditional tapered end, but the real kicker is a newly patented eating end with teeth that increase the gripping power of the chopstick. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy using chopsticks with ease and confidence.

Anyone who has sheepishly asked the waiter for a fork and knife while their dining companions used chopsticks like pros will welcome this innovation, as will those with arthritis, hand tremors and other dexterity challenges. “Children love Future Sticks too,” said Future Sticks CEO and founder Greg Resnick. “They let them eat with more confidence while they’re learning the skill of eating with chopsticks. And they’re fun while being functional.”

Resnick added that even for the most experienced chopstick user there are certain dishes that are difficult to eat, such as noodles and hard shelled seafood. “Future Sticks solve that problem. If they wish, experienced users can also flip the Future Sticks over and use the traditional side to eat with.”

Composed of a special transparent plastic polymer called ULTEM, a SABIC, USFDA certified food grade plastic, Future Sticks are capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 338 F (170 C) with no damage, and are virtually unbreakable. “They can be used to pick up food from hot pans up to 400 F,” said Resnick.

Future Sticks also eliminate health risks that reusable or disposable chopsticks can pose. They are dishwasher safe and can even be sterilized in an autoclave. “The special polymer with which they’re made eliminates any health concerns associated with current alternatives,” said Resnick. “When heated, Future Sticks won’t release BPA, which has been linked to impaired thyroid function, decreased fertility, and even cancer.”

Resnick added that a large number of disposable chopsticks have been shown to contain either mold or bleach, which can easily leach into food. This isn’t a concern when using Future Sticks.

Sustainability is another issue that the makers of Future Sticks aim to meet head-on. “In China and Japan alone, more than 70 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used every year,” Resnick explains. “Their production is contributing to global deforestation, with more than 35 million trees cut down each year to make them. Further, there’s concern about the impact of disposable sticks on waste streams and disposal sites. The good news is that Future Sticks will last longer than any reusable chopsticks currently on the market. One pair of Future Sticks can easily replace a hundred or more disposable or even ‘reusable’ pairs.”

A major advantage of Future Sticks is that they can be carried to restaurants, so patrons are not forced to use either wooden disposables or previously used sticks that are hard to fully clean. Future Sticks are available in several sizes to accommodate individual users, and can even be purchased in portable individual sets with each set in its own carrying case. These portable sets make great giveaways and promotions, and when purchased in bulk, can be provided with custom labels.

Future Sticks Inc. is a privately funded start-up committed to using only American labor to create and market its products. The company is the sole patent holder in the US and China of these innovative chopsticks.

“One of our goals is to enable everyone to enjoy the experience and culture of Asian dining by offering a safe, high-tech version of the chopstick. Another major goal is to significantly decrease the use of disposable chopsticks by offering an environmentally friendly, reusable alternative. We also aim to promote the healthful benefits of using chopsticks: eating more slowly, eating less, and truly savoring the meal,” Resnick said.

It all adds up to a future – and a present – which everyone can embrace.

For more information about Future Sticks, Inc., visit

Michael David dela Cruz Tan - The founder of Outrage Magazine, Mick is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) of the University of Newcastle in New South Wales Australia (just don’t ask when, he says). He can: photograph, do artworks with mixed media, write (of course), shoot flicks, community-organize, facilitate, lecture, research (with pioneering studies under his belt)… this one’s a multi-tasker, who is even conversant in Filipino Sign Language. He heads the only LGBTzine in the Philippines. Cross his path is the dare (read: It won’t be boring). Coordinate with him at

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